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Is HE God of all or not God at all?

We live in times where we question God and HIS ability? Well, Bible being the infallible word of God answers this quite clearly.

As to His ability to control the weather, we should not be in any doubt. Jesus calmed the wind and waves on Galilee. God brought a thunderstorm upon Egypt and stopped it at Moses request. He parted a sea for the Israelites under Moses and held back a flooding river for them under Joshua. God rained hail on the enemies of Joshua so that more were killed by hail than in battle. We can clearly see that God has no problem with His ability to control the weather. He still does it!

As to His ability to bring life, we should not be in any doubt. Jesus raised a dead Lazarus. God raised the son of a widow of Zarephath and Shunamite woman's so through Elijah. Jesus raised the son of a widow of Nain and Jairus' daughter. God raised young Tabitha through Peter and Euthycus through Paul. He still does it!

As to His ability to heal, restore and transform lives, look no further. Jesus transformed lives of His disciples, from fishermen to fishers of men. Jesus himself did around 37 miracles including raising the dead, during His 3.5 years of ministry. The healing, restoration and transformation He did through His disciples is countless. He still does it through His children.

He is God of all. He is Lord over His creation. He is involved in His creation. We have seen before in Scripture that God does not change. If He has been involved in the past He is involved today.

Whatever you are going through right now, no one else can change, transform, heal and renew like He does. Will you surrender your life to Jesus and commit to walk in His ways today? He is waiting.


Ps Litty Kurian

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